We use the AfterSchool HQ website portal to browse & sign up for our programs. After reviewing the programs if you have any questions, please sign up for a consultation with us and we’ll answer all your questions!

Tink Tank is a full-service content creation studio specializing in writing, storyboarding, and animation for all media types. We offer a wide range of programs for both individual and group participants.

Whether you’re an aspiring author looking to get published or just want to experiment, most of our programs are 1:1 individual sessions. We also offer group workshops for those who want to work together on a project and get feedback from other classmates.

Our Instruction is Content & Completion Based Learning

A completion based approach to projects means High Quality, Finished Work, no matter the Artists’ level of expertise/inexperience, or # of Sessions and/or speed of Artist.

Through our program everyone, despite their experience level, are given hands on tricks of the trade to come out of the gate and make it to the finish line in a most excellent way.

Are you Higher Learning bound? Tink Tank can train and guide your creative application projects toward accredited & non-accredited Art/Film/CreativeWriting Colleges, Trade Schools, of your choice. See our Artist Development Program 

Are you looking for a more Social Atmosphere? Tink Tank offers Collaborative Sessions where a small pod of Neurodiverse individuals team up to create an amazing project; together, online, social distancing, socially interacting, creatively collaborating, and developing friendships. All programs can be done as Collaborative Sessions.


  • Writing – Books, Short Stories, Poetry, Screenplays, Plays, Musicals, Historical, Journalism, Blogging, without or with ChatGPT assistance.
  • Visualization – Books, Comics, Animated Films, Photography, Storyboarding for Film & Animation, AI prompt writing images.
  • Productions – Live Action Video, Rotoscoped Video, Animation (Cartoon, Cutout, Ai art animations, Daz 3d/Blender), Stop Motion, Live Performance
  • Audio Productions – Audio Dramas, One Person Readings/Speakings, Book Recordings, Music Recordings, Pod-Casts, Radio Shows, Electronic Sound-Design (Atmospheric, narrative, for film and/or audio drama)
  • Experimentation – Try a little of some, try a little of all, try more of some than others. 
  • Artist Development – Learn how to present yourself and the arts you portray. Support, assistance, and training in being an artist, discussing your work, know what to not labor on and what to put forward, being interviewed about yourself, your work, or an event, along with crafting a portfolio and online presence.
  • Management – At this time, Tink Tank Animate is not managing individual artists. Anyone who has graced our seats is always on our Storytellers page, and we will always be happy to give a stellar review for anyone who needs one. In the meantime, we do private sessions for a Parent/Guardian/Supporter in the arts of management, promotion, and/or getting your artist to a management company or agency. 


Throughout the year, Tink Tank Animate hosts very unique Workshops in which you create a full work, from story to edit, and is included in a Professionally Produced Animated series. Each workshop has a specific theme and specific technique of animation or filmmaking in order for each piece to fit into a Series show puzzle.

Mama’s Ducks: Short form Childrens content – Draw and animate your own children’s story about ducklings!

Chilly Chicks: Short form Childrens content – Using pre-fabricated Penguin characters, create your own story and make a digital cutout 2D animated story!

Wise Old Owls: Long-Short form Any Rating content – This is filmmaking. Plain and simple, you will write a short story idea, script it, and use whatever tools you can get your hands on, to create it. No idea is too small, no idea is too big for a Wise Old Owl, and that is what you have Mentoring your workshops. Our Mentors will look at your story, storyboard, and direct you in how to visualize your shots based on the confines of the tools available, and budgets not to have. But we are giving you a lot of tools and professionals to use those tools with you and for you to create your expression. This course involves using AI to complete large tasks, create large impossibly budgeted ideas, and to support the artist when they struggle with ideas, dialogue, detail, or artistic ability. Here your mind means more than skill, as if we don’t think that about every program…but think of that thought on steroids for Wise Old Owls that want to help ya make a super movie.